Coworkations - Coliving Retreats for Remote Workers

Coworkations - Coliving Retreats for Remote Workers

First thing’s first – what is a coworkation? Simply put, it’s a coworking vacation - where individual nomads, entrepreneurs and remote workers travel and work together.

It´s also for company employees who relocate to a different location for a working holiday.

You don’t have to have the same view every single day while you work. Your workspace doesn’t have to be a cubicle in an office. It’s doesn’t have to be at your desk in your home.
You can choose when and where to work if you wish.
So picture the scene - you switch on your computer whilst swinging in a hammock, feeling the sun on your face and surrounded by like-minded professionals. These days, it’s easier than you think to make that image a reality.

A change of scenery does wonders for creativity and productivity. That well-known phrase “a change is as good as a rest” has been proven time and again. Change can bring about improved focus and a renewed energy. It’s one of the most positive steps to take – a simple change of view and routine can lead to a wealth of success for you and your business – mentally and metaphorically.

We live in a wonderful time, where location independent work is possible.
For those of you not yet ready to sell up and travel the world with a rucksack, this could be the answer you are looking for.
Since the word ‘coworkation’ was first used in 2012, companies are realising that their employees can thrive in a different environment, whilst still being as productive, if not more. There are many companies that let employees head off to different parts of the world to get a break from their normal routine.
With a coworkation trip, you are encouraged to work, relax, recharge, socialise, mastermind, sleep, brainstorm, interact and get some “me time”. The trips can be any length of time – from two days to one year. And beyond.

There are companies that specialise in offering coworkation trips. The pioneering company is which launched in 2012 – and this year they have retreats in Sierra Leone, Morocco, Switzerland and Australia – to name just a few of the incredible locations they have to offer.
Coworkation companies are offering wonderful trips to exotic island locations, rural farmhouses, scenic mountainside houses, and even monasteries.
These companies know how important it is for independent professionals and digital nomads to balance work, play and rest. Some include meals and airport pick-ups too.
A coworkation gives people an insight into the possibility of achieving location independence. Almost like a trial run – both for employees and employers – to see the potential and the possibilities. You don’t have to give anything up – you don’t have to give up your job to travel – it’s a win-win risk-free situation.

More and more companies are realising that the same productivity, if not more, can be achieved if their employees are not all located under one roof. And with fewer employees being physically present, the need for office space and all the accompanying costs are reduced. Fewer desks, lower electricity bills, less square footage required – what company wouldn’t want that?
Alternatively, as an independent business owner, you can take advantage of a change of scenery by taking a coworkation. Imagine how great it would feel to put your laptop down on another table in another town, in another country, on another continent! The world truly is your oyster.

There is no perfect location – it’s about where you feel best.
Is there a country you have always wanted to visit? A need for sun? Or crisp mountain air? Have you ever felt a pull to Japan or South America, perhaps a yearning to wake up in Spain to start your workday?
Where in the world would you feel better? There are no limits to a coworkation location – it’s simply a case of going where your head and heart pulls you.
A coworkation allows you to maintain a schedule whilst having a change of scenery and routine. Simply changing your commute can be enough to cause a shift in your mind-set and focus. So you don’t even have to get on a plane – have a coworkation nearby – it’s all about changing the everyday surroundings and the people you encounter on a daily basis.

And it’s not about time on your own – it’s about time with other like-minded individuals.
· Connect with others
· Collaborate with others
· Recharge yourself
· Explore the location you are in
· Reassess your routine and your working methods
· Rethink everything
· Community support

There are so many reasons to book a coworkation. Perhaps you can use the time to kick-start your project, test out the digital nomad lifestyle, build your brand, meet creative like-minded individuals, create content and get inspired.
Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and digital remote workers provides a wonderful support network, allowing you to share ideas, ask advice and gain constructive helpful feedback to get you to the next step of your project.

Being in a different country has a wonderful way of broadening your mind and opening your eyes to other cultures and methods. Seeing things done differently can inspire you to perhaps take a different approach to your work regime, without losing any of your productivity. Truly immersing yourself in the culture can be immensely rewarding once you open your mind to the country you are in.

Trying a coworkation for the first time or doing them two or three times a year – or even an entire year – there are companies that you can turn to.

Coworking retreats are located all over the world including destinations such as:
· Bali
· Thailand
· Barcelona
· Tuscany
· Germany
· San Francisco
· Canary Islands
· South Africa
· Miami

It’s all about balance.
There is no doubt that working retreats are becoming more and more popular, with people around the world realising the benefits of a location change. The personal development and calming effect that occurs from simply having a different working environment are clear to see.
Being a remote worker can be extremely lonely and stressful, so booking a retreat gives you instant access to a supportive community, and a network of friends all under one roof.
Use the time to move your project ahead, kick-start an idea and also spend time with people who are on a similar journey. Sometimes we need to just kick back, open a bottle of wine and immerse ourselves in a conversation that’s not work-related.
It’s plain to see that coworkations and nomad retreats are a great way to recharge your internal battery.

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