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About Clubhouse Berlin

Clubhouse Berlin is a network of cosmopolitan community builders united by passion for progress through collaboration.

We create a once-in-a-lifetime living experience for an exclusive community of like-minded movers & shakers.

We are committed to developing your personal and career goals with an unpretentious approach.

We work intensively with a small number of carefully selected innovators to get them into the best possible shape by refining their pitch.

We identify gaps and opportunities for your start-up to make it most likely to achieve traction and funding.

Clubhouse Berlin's latest reviews

Mariana J. Aug 2022 3.00

The location is great! The coworking space is very spacious, has great views, and has different spaces to work from. Unfortunately, during the period that I stayed, there didn't seem to be much emphasis on networking, activities, or mentorship as advertised on their website. Very few people work from the space, making it sometimes too quiet if you want to connect through work. The apartments vary, so it would be nice to have more information about what you will get and who you will be sharing the space with before reserving. Many residents seem to be only looking for easy accommodation and are not too interested in building a community. Overall the experience was nice, I met great people, but there is a lot of improvement based on the expectations and what is advertised.

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