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PodShare is a co-living community that offers shared affordable housing across the city of Los Angeles, where a pod in one of our locations grants access to our entire network of locations.

PodShare has hosted over 20,000 people from all over the world since 2012 across 6 locations in 200+ custom built pods at an annual occupancy of 92%.

Our goal is to house the global citizen. Pods afford people the chance to live across expensive neighborhoods in the country and the world instead of in traditional apartments or hotels. As our network grows, location independence is achieved for the growing freelance and gig population; all thanks to the sharing economy.

Podshare's latest reviews

robby T Feb 2024 5.00

I want to share my thoughts on this coliving space, especially for those considering a stay. Let me start by saying that my experience was genuinely positive. Despite any preconceived notions or occasional passersby that might come and go, this place stood out as something special. I think it's important to distinguish between personal biases and the actual experience, so I'm focusing solely on the latter. I haven't encountered a single bug, which seems to contradict some of the complaints I've heard. It's possible I was just fortunate, or perhaps there's a bit of exaggeration in the criticisms. Staying here offered me the chance to meet and connect with a diverse group of people, enriching my experience further. It's a real gem in my eyes, and I believe staying for a while and getting to know others here can truly showcase its value. It's more than just a place to stay; it's an opportunity to be part of a community.

Saele P Jan 2024 4.00

I had a fantastic stay here. It's well-suited for all types of travelers, whether you're on the move solo or with friends. This coliving space offers a comfortable and welcoming environment. The common areas are perfect for both relaxation and getting some work done, and I found it easy to meet new people. Staying for a month allowed me to really settle in and experience the community vibe. Everyone, including the staff, was friendly and helpful, making my time here memorable.

NRC 7 Jan 2024 5.00

I stayed here for a month and it was an incredible experience. The place was immaculate and the staff were truly outstanding - so friendly and helpful. I would recommend this coliving space to anyone who's looking for a great community vibe while they travel.

Richard F Sep 2023 5.00

Coliving here has been awesome for me from day 1 throughout my several extended stays. From the great staff, to the comedy nights, mini concerts and all the collective interactions from people from all over the globe! It can quite literally change your life and perspective. You never know who you might meet ❤️. Thank you Elvina and coliving peeps!!

Chethan K Sep 2023 5.00

This coliving was like finding water in a desert. Brilliant stay, good service, the location was excellent, the whole idea of shared living was amazing. I met some nice people from all walks of life. It was very well maintained and even had a basketball court if you want to flex. The quiet hours from 10pm to 10am were enforced to ensure everyone gets some rest. Jerit and Dustin both did a great job taking care of customers.

Eliott B Sep 2023 5.00

Great welcome, a pleasant, functional and clean place.

Miha N Sep 2023 5.00

Already the welcome was so warm and welcoming, the staff as well as the guests were very pleasant and respectful, definitely a place to be when passing through.. I always love coming back

Daved L Sep 2023 5.00

Superb staff, this coliving has a hella cool Venice Beach vibe. Ultra fun times at night and sun-drenched days at the beach. Come one, come all!

Joseph S Sep 2023 5.00


Tairi B Sep 2023 4.00

It was great! I met great people there and I made some friends. Great location and very close to the muscle beach. Better than the hostel I have stayed in Arizona. I would have given a 5 star if there was no bed bugs. I got bitten on my neck, head skin, arm, and they are very itchy. Hopefully, they won’t infest in my house. That was the only downside to this place.

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