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About PodShare

PodShare is a co-living community that offers shared affordable housing across the city of Los Angeles, where a pod in one of our locations grants access to our entire network of locations.

PodShare has hosted over 20,000 people from all over the world since 2012 across 6 locations in 200+ custom built pods at an annual occupancy of 92%.

Our goal is to house the global citizen. Pods afford people the chance to live across expensive neighborhoods in the country and the world instead of in traditional apartments or hotels. As our network grows, location independence is achieved for the growing freelance and gig population; all thanks to the sharing economy.

PodShare's latest reviews

Janina P Jun 2022 5.00

Primo spot in the middle of everything. For summer the have air conditioning,Ample shower spaces,big comfy beds, typical shared spaces all with a small cabin in the woods feel. Not ideal for meetings but is more for the chill travel mode.Honestly when I waked out the big black gated door to leave I felt transported. ThankYou for the stay. I brought my own travel towel cause they charge but everything else was chill.

Alicia C Jun 2022 5.00

Nigeria (the woman who checked me into the hostel) was really helpful and very welcoming. When I had trouble booking a taxi she immediately lent me her phone and also co-ordinated my pickup with the taxi driver. The place itself was comfortable and a great location to sleep, work remotely, and rest.

Kroger Apr 2022 1.00

* No AC working. Humid and hot all the time, you feel fresher right outside the entry door
* People don't respect privacy and silence. One guy was eating at 1 am in the pod below, and couldn't smack any louder, I couldn't sleep that night.
* Coach looks and feels older than me, I'm 31.
You're better off at another place. Please do so, so they understand they need to bring their game up. Invest in a better climate system and furniture, and other types of stuff.

san D Apr 2022 5.00

I really liked the atmosphere here. Excellent coliving spaces with a fast connection. People were friendly and gave me food to eat. Watching TV with the other residents was pretty fun. But be sure to request a lower-level pod if you don't like climbing steep ladders. It's a great chance to meet new people especially if you're traveling by yourself

LAXMA R Dec 2021 4.00

The bathroom is not clean other than that everything looks good.

Brandon O. Nov 2021 5.00

Amazing location plus check in, pods are nice tidy and comfy, toiletries and even some snacks are provided. Love

Karen B Nov 2021 4.00

The room is clean and quick, and the view from the room is excellent. I do enjoy the night view of LA. Most importantly, I had a great sleep! I would recommend this place

Cassandra A. Nov 2021 5.00

I loved my stay!! Everyone was very nice. The beds were very clean and comfortable. Eric was very nice and a nice resource for things around the city. I loved that I had a TV in my pod. It completely exceeded my expectations!

Ta R. Nov 2021 5.00

I stayed here for about a week. The employees that I spoke to were very friendly, and Molly especially puts in great effort to keep the place maintained. It was clean, a cheerful environment, and I slept and woke really well in the bunk bed, which was big and comfy. There are good "clean up after your mess" rules which were followed well by everyone during my stay. and that was nice to see. I definitely recommend this place if you're stopping through LA for a week or so. You'll have a good time here, and being located in the Arts District is a good plus. You're fairly close to center downtown, which means you can travel around all of LA from here pretty easily. Just mentioning that, if that's important to you as a traveler. Definitely give this place a shot if you're in LA for a bit. Obviously, the price is great, and the location and living situation is really high quality.

Michelle L. Nov 2021 5.00

Very cool, calm place. It's like a hostel but it is really a hotel of sorts. Fantastic staff, super immaculate clean. roughly $50 a night. The pods/bedrooms are clean with a free flat screen, Wi-Fi, outlets for charging. (if it's cold weather maybe bring an extra blanket) Washer and dryer on-site, lockers. Clean linen, towels, bathrooms, and kitchen I prefer this place over every other place in L.A. ! And safe for females!

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