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Coliving destinations in Norway


Coliving in Drammen

From a grey industrial town to a modern metropolis, Drammen is the place to check out if you want to try coliving in a fast-growing city. It’s one of Drammen’s biggest cities and it’s filled with a variety of destinations you can explore after a day of hustling.

First off, digital nomads who are history and culture enthusiasts will absolutely love places like the Austad Gård and the Drammens Museum—former manors turned museums to give you an insight of Drammen’s past.

Adventure-seekers can go on a river cruise along Drammen River, one of the city’s defining spots. The MS Drammen will give you an exquisite city view, even taking you to the new Mjøndalen bridge.

Boat rides not your thing? Ride on the longest train ride in Norway! The Krøderbanen will take you on a 16-mile train ride that opened back in 1872. The train itself looks like it was taken out of a 19th-century film!

Additionally, Drammen’s proximity to Oslo makes it a convenient spot for any digital nomad who plans to see everything Norway has to offer. Remote workers who’d like to immerse themselves in a thriving coworking and coliving community will find that it’s easy to connect with other digital nomads in Norway and the city of Drammen is no different.

A few facts about Drammen:

- Drammen is one of Norway’s largest cities
- It’s the main city for car and fruit import for the rest of Norway
- There are 90,000 people living in Drammen
- It’s the most populated city in the country
- Drammen received numerous environmental and urban development awards since 2003
- A river (called the Drammenselva river) separates the two parts of Drammen city

If you’re a digital nomad who’d like to situate yourself in a thriving metropolis, Drammen should be one of your top choices. This city has both culture and convenience that makes it easy for you to balance remote work and travel.