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Coliving in Oslo

Oslo – Norway’s notoriously happy capital – attracts visitors from all over the world. It is growing as a popular destination for digital nomads, with thousands choosing it for both short-term and long-term coliving stays. Claiming speedy Internet, a good safety record, and mouth-watering cuisine, it’s easy to see why it’s attracting such high numbers of remote workers looking for coliving accommodation.
Oslo has so much to offer including impressive museums, performing arts, mouth-watering beer and delicious food. You can get lost in the beauty of the ballet then enjoy a tasty beer or king crab – or both! As you explore this cultured and compact city, you will surely come across its
supportive community full of remote workers – and the infrastructure to support them. The coliving trend is totally blooming here and the social scene that comes with this is evident in the meet-ups and events that regularly occur. Whether you are a fan of exploring mountainous, breath-taking scenery or spending the afternoon learning about Vikings, Oslo will make you fall in love. It really is a perfect location for anyone considering coliving in Norway.

Here are some fun facts about Oslo:
- Within the walls of the Oslo Viking Ship Museum, it displays a fully intact 1000-year-old ship.
- The reason they call it, “Land of the Midnight Sun” is because a third of the country lies in the Arctic Circle. This means that part of the country stays light during the day in the summertime.
- Oslo contains the world’s largest sculpture park, Vigeland Sculpture Park. An artist singlehandedly created over 212 pieces that are on display here!
- Munch Museum in Oslo contains the famous painting, “Scream.”
- Oslo is surrounded by forests that can easily be reached by public transportation.
- Although the capital is one of the fastest growing in Europe, the city still has ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions by 95% by 2030. It was also voted the European Green Capital for the year 2019 and will serve as an ambassador for sustainable urban development.

With all of the Oslo’s amazing food, endless museums, fast Internet, and happy people, it is no surprise that co-living spaces are being built here at a rapid rate.