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What is coliving?

Coliving is a community living concept for like-minded people to live, work, and play together. Living spaces are well designed, fully furnished, with incidentals and utilities covered by one bill. Catering to various living styles and tastes, the main value of the coliving experience is access to the community.

Looking for a month to month lease?
Coliving spaces don’t force you into a yearly contract, they offer flexible short term rentals with leases starting from as short as even a week.

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About Stavanger

If you’re a history buff who wants to gain more insight into Norway’s past, coliving in Stavanger can be an educational and fulfilling experience for you. The city was first founded back in the 12th century and it houses one of the country’s last remaining Middle Age cathedrals.

In fact, it has a town dedicated to 200 18th and 19th century white timber houses! The city makes sure to preserve Stavanger’s Old Town that cars aren’t even allowed in. However, you don’t need to worry as it’s very pedestrian-friendly. This makes it a great destination for an afternoon stroll.

More than the history and the culture, Stavanger also has natural gems and scenic landmarks such as fjords, mountains, and white beaches. You can go on a cruise along Lysefjord or go on a hike at The Pulpit Rock or even climb the world’s longest staircase—the Florli 4444!

The coworking and coliving trend is also ever-evolving in this culture-rich metropolis. It also helps that it’s a university city and since the city attracts many foreigners and ex-pats, Stavanger has a vibrant international community.

A few facts about Kristiansand:

- Stavanger is one of Norway’s oldest cities, dating back to 1125
- The city is the “Oil Capital of Norway”
- Stavanger is also known as a university city and many people all over the world are attracted to the town’s charms
- Stavanger was founded the exact year when its first cathedral was completed
- The first settlement in Stavanger is traced back to the Ice Age
- Stavanger is the fourth largest city in Norway
- The rapid population growth in Stavanger was caused by the booming offshore oil industry of Norway
- Norway’s largest oil company is headquartered in this city

A beautiful mix of both, cosmopolitan, outdoor, and historical wonders, Stavanger should be on the list of any digital nomads who want the best of both worlds. You get adventure and culture in a charming yet booming Norwegian town.