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Coliving in Kyoto

Kyoto is the cultural capital of Japan. The city holds its history and culture dear to its heart, priding itself on every temple, shrine, garden, and palace. Coliving in Kyoto is attractive to people wanting to see the real Japanese culture and don't mind having to do it slowly and gracefully.

The Emperors of Japan once ruled from the beauty that is Kyoto. The city has 2000 religious spaces, almost perfectly preserved, making it one of the best-preserved cities in Japan. Despite being culturally and historically rich, the city is a hub for information technology and electronics, with Nintendo's headquarters located in Kyoto.

Filled to the brim with palaces, temples, and shrines, you can take your pick. Kinkakuji Temple is admired both for the temple and its surroundings. It is located on a lake with trees as far as the eye can see, tand he temple experiences some of the most magical sunrise and sunsets in the world.

The city is happy to share all of its cultures with you. It offers teachings and experiences that are hard to come by. You can even experience a tea ceremony that breaks down your walls and lets you appreciate the little things. If you are looking for a bit more mischief, Monkey Park is the perfect place for you. There are monkeys everywhere. They have snacks on sale to feed them if you're brave enough to explain to a bossy monkey why he only needs one apple and not the whole bag.

Nishiki Market is a shopaholics dream, and you can easily find yourself spending an entire day there. Your vision filled with color from traditional crafts, and your nose filled with the most fantastic street food around. Kyoto Tower, the tallest building in Kyoto, is the perfect place if you want to see the city from high up. The tower has interactive screens that allow you to learn about precisely what you see in the distance.

The subways and trains are a popular form of transport, but the city is often best seen by bicycle. Cycling is a massive part of life in Kyoto. It is an inexpensive and healthier way to get around if you were feeling a new year's resolution coming along. The city is flat and easy to walk and ride, making it even more appealing.

Although cultural and historically appealing, the city has everything you need has a digital nomad or tourist. Like most places in Japan, the Internet is phenomenal, allowing you to work from almost anywhere. Kyoto is the type of home that is forever etched in your soul. Coliving in the city allows you an affordable and safe way to experience it all at your own pace.

Here are some fun facts about Kyoto:

- Kyoto is famous for its Geisha presence, traditional faultlessly dressed female entertainers
- Kyoto is the center of Kimono productions and vital to the production of traditional Japanese crafts
- Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over 1,000 years
- Famous for its festivals, Kyoto knows how to throw a party
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