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Coliving in Nantes


Coliving in Nantes

Nantes is located at the Loire River in Western France. Full of old and new art, trendy venues, and marvelous machinery, this historic city has a lot to offer to the nomads coliving here.
It takes just 20 minutes from the airport to the city center. Once there, you can work away at one of the many locations with free WI-FI and enjoy the fast Internet speed they provide. Or you go for a stroll and take in the beauty of the parks, churches, and riverside you will come along. It is safe to walk anywhere you’d like. Most people speak Basic English, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. One landmark to use for reference is the Château des Ducs de Bretagne. It is a massive fortress that tells the story of how Nantes used to be the capital of Brittany, which in many peoples’ hearts, it still is to this date.

Here are more fun facts about Nantes:
- With 300,000 inhabitants, Nantes is the sixth biggest city in France.
- The boutiques, cafés, and restaurants in the old town district Bouffay showcase the European lifestyle in a nutshell.
- Passage Pommeraye is a luxurious shopping arcade that dates to 1843.
- Les Machines de l’Île (Machines of the Isle), an amusement Park inspired by Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci, features a giant mechanical elephant as well as a spider of nearly the same size. Creepy!
- In the botanical garden Jardin des Plantes, you will find magnolia trees that are over 300 years old.
- A sad part of Nantes’ history is its involvement with the slave trade.
- Nantes is home to various music artists – DJs, folk-rock, power pop, death metal, hip-hop, and jazz are all represented.
- The French are famous for their food; Nantes specifically for asparagus, artichokes, and mâchecoulais cheese. The local wine to drink is Muscadet.

This university city is a wonderful match for remote workers who have many of the same needs for coliving and coworking as students do.

What is coliving?

Coliving is a new trend amongst millennials for renting shared apartments. Whether you're moving to Nantes for work or just looking for a new apartment, coliving in Nantes is a good way to save money and live with like-minded people. Co-living places people from different backgrounds together and encourages them to interact, collaborate and form new friendships. When compared to dorms, coliving is much more attractive, since it's relatively inexpensive, all-inclusive and allows you to rent a furnished room with an individual lease.

Why book coliving in Nantes?

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