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----At the moment we don't offer Coliving options ----
"3 years ago I saw a video shot on El Teide
, and I knew that one day I would have to visit Tenerife. 3 months ago I found out that some friends would be visiting Malaga, and decided to meet them there. 2 months ago I realized Tenerife would be a cheap flight from Malaga, and discovered Coworking in the SUN.


When I saw the website, it seemed too good to be true. An office space that offered surfing lessons, paragliding trips, and free dance lessons? Surely there´s a catch.


Now, after two weeks here in Puerto de la Cruz I´m happy to report it´s just as wonderful as it seemed to be. The staff is gracious, hospitable and interesting. The island and Puerto de la Cruz are all I could ask for, and the opportunities for adventure and relaxation are boundless.


Imagine a work day that starts with cappuccino in an outdoor cafe. Imagine lunch with students and professionals from all over the world. Imagine afternoon surfing lessons, and salsa at night.


It´s real, it´s here, and it´s fun."


Come to Tenerife and work with us at COWORKING in the Sun. Stay in our shared apartments, get to know like-minded people, have fun during our free weekly leisure activities and discover our beautiful island.

COWORKING in the Sun belongs to the FU International Academy Tenerife. We are a Spanish language school, we teach digital marketing to wanna be nomads and since 2015  we have our own coworking space.

Reserve your desk in this creative environment.

As special features we offer free meeting rooms from 14.00 to 20.00 and also have a soundproof room for online conferences and video editing. A fully equipped MacMini with extensive software (online marketing tools, image processing and video editing) will be available.


Air Conditioning
Cable TV
Chill Out Area
Meeting Room
Outdoor Space
Parking (free on property)
Shared Bedroom(s)
Single Bedroom(s)
Skype Room
Table Tennis


Coworking Space
Fitness Studio




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