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Smena Station
Smena Station

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28 Sep. 23 Dec.   New York   United States


Smena Station is a peer led skill share co-living for experts in different fields. Our main goal is to create meaningful experiences and raise living standards of our members by combining skills and resources. In less than six months we grew from one to four locations because we are not a business - we are a community. A community without borders that consists of professionals that do not tie themselves to one place. Rule breakers, mavericks, straight-A students that skip classes, discoverers that are always ready to set sails and live several lives instead of one.

Our next level co-living and co-working experience is for you if
✔ Have a project that you are proud of and want to develop it
✔ Dream of an idea that's been laying on the shelf far too long
✔ Work remotely or want to learn how
✔ Understand that networking and the right people around are shortcuts to success
✔ Believe that knowledge must be shared
✔ Ready to give before asking anything in return
✔ Search for a life/work balance and ways to travel the world
✔ Want to emerge into NYC's communities of innovators and trendsetters
✔ Imagine not only reaching your goals in a year but setting new ones

Smena's activities are a balance between work and leisure. We give you the tools to increase efficiency and a fully functional working environment.

Smena Station is not for profit. We follow the radical transparency applied at Burning Man (along with it's Ten Principles) and combine our resources splitting expenses among the members. This allows us to get more value out of the money we are investing in the project.

Fair share of each participant - $690/two weeks
$100 - curators' wage
$500 - share of house rent
$20 - communal needs
$20 - electricity, bills, internet
$50 - Smena development contribution


3D Printer
Coworking Space
Parties (arranged)
Speaker Events


Think Tank
Toilet Paper


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