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Minest aims to provide a superior community living experience to young and dynamic single corporate professionals working in metro cities and young aspiring graduate students pursuing higher education in the key university towns in the country.

MiNest's latest reviews

Pawan K. Nov 2021 5.00

Best Coliving Space.The facilities they provide are too good.Here,we got all the basic necessities.The management is very helpful and the food they provide is so delicious.

Rajeev B. Oct 2021 5.00

Great Product with large community spaces at a very convenient location.... All room configurations - Single, double and triple are very thoughtfully designed. I would recommend this coliving to all aspirational millennials looking to have meaningful community life.

Joydeep N. Aug 2021 5.00

Great coliving place to live. The amenities and living conditions are good. Decor is great as well and prices are reasonable too. Perfect coliving place for working professionals to live

Ishit J. Jul 2021 5.00

Super cozy and comfortable coliving place, Staff is also very friendly.

Rajeev B. Jul 2021 5.00

Fabulously done. Great coliving place and large hang out areas. Courteous staff.

Rudraansh T. Jul 2021 5.00

Very comfortable and hygienic coliving place to stay with good amenities....Easily approachable location... Highly recommended.

Tushar G. Jun 2021 5.00

Awesome concept. Really loved the coliving place. They have interesting events coming up too. Very warm people. Moving in here once my lease terminates.

Bichhonna M. Jun 2021 5.00

After hopping on several accommodations, I found my perfect abode at this coliving. It is centrally located, has all the modern amenities and an amazing set of people to get along with. Service is excellent. Highly recommended.

Bhavana B. May 2021 5.00

Located at the heart of city and comfortable, cozy and clean coliving place to stay.

Shashank K. May 2021 2.00

Seeing so many 5-star reviews, a couple of my friends and I decided to visit this place and check it out. The location is convenient and is in close proximity to Cyber Park. However, the approach road is a mud road. On entering the property, we found it a little weird. It seemed like a hotel, room after room with long corridors. Definitely not how we would expect a co-living place to look like. The operators were courteous and showed us around. The ground floor has a long unending corridor with many rooms on the left and a mini-gym and a dining area on the right. There was also a pool table and a tiny sofa kept. The double sharing rooms were of a decent size but weren't thoughtfully made. There was only a small quarter-circular table of a radius of fewer than 1m and a small chair for two people to sit and work. The AC was placed in such a way that it wouldn't help both the occupants. Forget the balcony, there was only a small window for light to enter the room. All these things put us off. Each floor with over 20 occupants had only one tiny refrigerator. There were only two iron boards for the entire property with a capacity of 60+ people. The kitchenette was nothing but a dirty shed with one induction stove and no utensils. There was no common area with a large TV for you to watch big events with your neighbours. The security also seemed lax, with just a watchman and no Biometric IDs or Access Cards. The operators were extremely secretive about the food and only said that it was outsourced to external vendors, which basically meant that you won't get fresh, hot food but instead, you get food from a random cloud kitchen. They didn't share any Menu or didn't even ask us to taste the food (We visited the place around Dinner Timings). All in all, it seemed like a place where in order to create a coliving space, multiple things were placed together without much thought. We believed that paying 15K (and extra amount for all electricity used within the room at ₹11/unit) for Minest's double sharing room (with food) was not worth it.REPLY: Your approach road was a mud road when we visited you (around 30 days ago). Not sure if it has been tarred now. Secondly, please don't hold up the 90% occupancy card as you're located in Gurgaon near a tech park. Almost all properties are filled to their capacity there. And from what I can see (through a simple Google search), quite a lot of your reviews are internal, and not from your guests. Coming to security, forget biometric access, even RFID controlled access was non-existent. I am glad that you have got it sorted out. Regarding the food, we spoke to a couple of your guests who showed us their Swiggy orders and illuminated us about the food quality and taste. About the kitchenette, the person who showed us around (Ms. Ashita), clearly told us that the shed on the second floor was indeed the kitchenette. Glad that you've got that fixed as well. Had things been the way you claim (when we visited your property), you would've had an extra six beds booked. Hope you take this honest feedback constructively and reach 100% occupancy.

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