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Destinations in Pakistan

About Rawalpindi

Think Pakistan’s military is the only thing you’ll encounter in Rawalpindi? Think again. Behind its tough exterior, Rawalpindi is also home to verdant destinations and peaceful parks - perfect for digital nomads who want to try a new coliving experience.

Rawalpindi is situated in the Punjab province and there’s no shortage of nature-related activities that you can do while in the city. For one, they have the Jinnah Park, where you can also shop and eat as you relax and take in the warm, moderate weather. They also have an artificial lake called Rawal Lake. This is where locals and tourists alike flock to whenever they want to go fishing or to have a picnic.

One of Pakistan’s oldest golf clubs can also be found in Rawalpindi. Built in 1926, the Rawalpindi Golf Course enjoys a luxuriant location close to the Ayyub National Parkland. Digital nomads and remote workers who love golf also get a view of the Faisal Mosque.

There are so many reasons why people consider Rawalpindi as a viable coliving spot for digital nomads. The locals are also generally known for being polite, and you’ll find that it’s easy to connect with them.

Fast facts about Rawalpindi:

- Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city in Pakistan
- It’s located in the Punjab province
- It’s joined together with Islamabad as the “twin cities”
- Rawalpindi is known for being a major military city ever since it became the Pakistan Army’s headquarters in 1947
- There are eight autonomous towns in Rawalpindi
- As of 2017, the city’s population was at 2 million
- Other than being a military base, Rawalpindi is also home for some of Pakistan’s manufacturing plants
- Rawalpindi is commonly known as Pindi
- The city is located in Pothohar Plateau, a place know for having a strong Buddhist heritage
- Rawalpindi is known for having a humid subtropical climate
- Pakistan’s third-largest airport, the Bhenazir Bhutto International Airport, is situated in Rawalpindi

If you want to get a taste of Pakistan’s culture, an insight into their military history, and easy access to verdant parks, Rawalpindi is one coliving spot you should definitely consider.