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Coliving in Rome


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Metropolitan City of Florence
Punta Milocca

Coliving in Rome

Over two thousand years ago, Rome invented building blocks with a mix of shops, businesses and apartments, that mostly replaced single-family housing. Times are changing again as some people become digital nomads who temporarily stay in coliving spaces before moving on instead of owning their homes – and Rome is again at the forefront of the Italian coliving movement.
Traditions, tastes, and tourist sights – there is much to love about this incredible city. When you fancy a walk outside, swing by any panetteria for a quick coffee and rest assured it will be of the highest quality. Coworking spaces are scattered all over the city and its surroundings should you want a change of scenery during your workday. You can work next to the incredibly well-connected Termini or right by the Vatican to be able to immediately go explore the city once your To Do list has been completed for the day. Don‘t deny yourself any delicacies for dinner as the food here is varied and delicious. Rome is also home to over 100 sports venues. Rome‘s nightlife serves the full spectrum from fancy to alternative.

More fun facts about Rome:
- Rome is the capital city of Italy and has 2.9 million inhabitants.
- Like all Italians, Romans are obsessed with football. The home teams are S.S. Lazio and A.S. Roma.
- With a length of 300m and only 90m wide, Isola Tiberina on the Tevere river is said to be the world‘s smallest inhabited island.
- The traditional Roman dessert is the “grattachecca“, shaved ice with flavored syrup.
- Romans don‘t buy bottled water because you can find “nasone“, nose-shaped drinking water fountains, all over the city. The water in the 2000 decorative fountains, however, is only sometimes safe to drink.
- Stray cats are welcome in Rome. An association takes care of their health and other needs.

Any serious traveler – digital nomad or not – would want to visit this historic, cultural and entertaining city. It’s easy to see why coliving is on the rise here.
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