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CoHo is an innovative tech platform that is pioneering the concept of "CoLiving" spaces for the first time in India. Through our offerings of fully-furnished managed apartments and villas with top-notch amenities at affordable price points near corporate and college hubs, we are transforming the way students and young professionals live in India.

CoHo's latest reviews

Suresh S Dec 2020

Security deposit not refunded on time. They follow timelines only for collecting rent and food expenses and move-in charges.
once you move out you can't access their app and there will be no response from their customer care number.
Even replying to emails take a huge time.
I moved out on 29th Oct 2020 from Their Gurugram property and still waiting to get my money back.

Anushree J. Aug 2020

If you want peace in your housing situation, NEVER go for CoHo. They sell overpriced accommodations and stop contact as soon as the contracts are done.
Despite living and paying on time in CoHo for 2 years, I was evicted in the middle of the lockdown without even a month of notice. CoHo owes me over 50k in refunds, and their employees have stopped taking calls or answering mails. If you're in touch with Garv, Anjali, or Sakshi, know that they are here to fool you and manipulate you into helplessness.
My friends and peers from their Lajpat Nagat property have been facing the exact same issue with refunds. There is no accountability.
Even before the lockdown, CoHo had issues with the quality of its food and the hygiene of the property, but that is bearable if the team communicates with you. CoHo's team has stopped responding and it will do the same to you at some point. Stay as far from their manipulation and lies as possible.

Archie G. Aug 2020

Highly unprofessional. They asked us to vacate their property amid the global pandemic. We HAD to, because their solutions promoted trespassing.

We were promised that our security deposit and advance rent would be refunded in a month. It has been over three months and we still haven't received our security deposit.

They have stopped taking our calls and reply to emails with a generic response.

Ishita D. Aug 2020

I don’t recommend coho at all, i mean in between this pandemic first of all they asked us to take out all our stuff from pg and then it’s been 3 months and they haven’t refunded the amount, they are not replying to mails, calls or texts.

Samriti J. Jul 2020

Worst place to be. The team is highly unprofessional as they are not following their own policies and looting all the money!

We've had the worst experience. Highly NOT recommend.

Bhavna L. Jun 2020

I stayed here with my friends and had the worst experience ever. These people are money minded and selfish, they dont care if there is a pandemic going on they will exploit you as much as they can. They do not understand reason and will not pick up calls once they have their money, and ofcourse they will say everything to get you into their pg but one you are there they will not hold up to those promises. I will NEVER RECOMMEND staying here for anyone, you can find a better environment and more 'human' people at other PGs and flats, COHO is just show and nothing more. Kindly do not let yourself get stuck with these selfish and unprofessional people who dont even know how to handle customers with respect and logic.

Kabir S. May 2020

Had the absolutely worst experience with Coho and their property and their management team. They are a bunch of high handed corporate stooges who think they can sneak around, find loopholes and exploit customers. If you are considering it in spite of all the bad recommendations, please don’t. I made the same mistake. I read all the bad recommendations but when I talked to their staff they assured me that it is not so. They are very good with their words and policies and finding loopholes. So beware of engaging in any commercial or consumer business with them.

They shifted me into a room which is not a room as such but an area separated from their kitchen area with just plywood walls. There is constant noise from the kitchen area from 5 in morning to late night. It is as if you are living in the middle of a market. Repeated complaints to the management was never heeded. The bathroom had broken taps and water coming straight out of wall. I don’t think you would want to pay nearly 20k for such facilities and incompetency. Their pictures on website show it like it is some high maintenance property but reality is very different. Broken taps, fungus growing on walls, shred of glass near kitchen, noisy staff that doesn’t care if it’s a private space for people residing there.

I vacated the property within 2 weeks and was ready to forfeit my rest of the monthly rent and food payment in view of inconvenience caused to them as well but demanded my deposit back which they are giving as a “Coho credit” that can only be used at coho properties. Which I am sure I won’t do the same mistake again. They say it’s transferable. But how is it of any use either.

I am going ahead with a consumer forum complaint against them and maybe a civil court case but just wanted to let people know to not fall into this again. This might be a fake profile but everything written here is genuine and true.

Gargi M. May 2020

It's the worst place to stay! This organization does nothing but suck money put of your pockets. They make fake promises and breach their own contracts. It's managed by a group of UNPROFESSIONAL people. They shut down their property without giving a notice sufficiently before doing so. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T FALL FOR THEIR FAKE PROMISES.

निष्ठा अ. May 2020

Coho asks people to move out during lockdown. Unreliable service and irresponsible behavior.

Pranika G. Apr 2020

an amazing experience!!!