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About Samesame

Samesame is the first creative co-living in Lisbon and it's a place that challenges the old customs and brings a fresh new way to rest, create and linger.
“Rather than love, than money, than fame,  give me the truth.” And the truth is: We want to make a stand, we want to give voice to the ones who dream. Because there are no lies while you’re dreaming, and there’s no dream untrue. Samesame exists because we dream, and we dreamt of a place that enables creativity, a place where the differences are a source of imagination, and imagination is triggered just because. So our purpose is to let it happen by giving you the necessary means of space, time and environment to share the inherent truth of your creativity. Remember, Dali painted after dreaming, so what do you think about dreaming together?

Samesame's latest reviews

Vassil T. Aug 2022 5.00

Some of the most incredible people I've ever met. No other place for me in Lisbon.

Thabata D. Oct 2021 5.00

Great family atmosphere! An unique combination of feeling at home and at the same time meeting people from everywhere

S S. Sep 2021 5.00

Thought I'd leave a review after receiving such a warm welcome from the guys. After trying 2 other places, I finally feel at home in Lisbon ?

Georges H. Sep 2021 5.00

Outstanding place, really clean, complete with all due accessories, amazing location and excellent hospitality. I'm a hospitality professional with over 20y experience and really recommend this place!

Rossi J. May 2021 5.00

I lived for two months here. It is a very welcoming place to live and everything went perfect. It’s a brand new place and they should get popular soon! Would totally recommend

Christoph M. May 2021 1.00

My booking for a month was canceled one day before my arrival. Allegedly, the electricity in the room was broken and it couldn't be fixed. They probably overbooked the rooms. Really unprofessional company.

Francisco M. Apr 2021 5.00

Amazing mates

Nicholas K. Apr 2021 5.00


Willem E. Feb 2021 5.00

I stayed there for 2/3 months and I absolutely loved it. The friendly staff, the beautiful room and perfect location make it an incredible place. Moreover, I liked the international and creative vibe in the co-living. I have also used the co-working and it was the ideal place to work. I would recommend digital nomads and other people that work remotely to explore Lisbon and stay in that place

Stefan J Jan 2021 5.00

I find myself extremely lucky to have discovered Samesame by mere chance. I came for a week but stayed for five. Apart from being very centrally located and the great amnesties, the team goes above and beyond to foster a community of creativity, inclusiveness and friendliness. Never once did I feel like a client. You are building something spectacular ❤️ Thanks for everything!

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