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We know how much time and effort it takes to work toward your dream. That's why Sota decided to create a nice community with a month-to-month lease at an affordable price. With all utilities included. It's a place where you can work, chill, and connect with like-minded people

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Von C. Sep 2021 5.00

I moved here, Westwood location in September 2019. I was moving from the Mid West to escape the horrible winter to- like others- chase the sun in LA while working in marketing online. LA was a completely new place to me and I thought that co-living might be a great way to know more people and also know the culture (Plus the prices are greatly relative to the regular LA rental market!). Skeptically, I signed the very reasonable lease that they offer knowing that I can just look for another place if this doesn't go as I plan to be. I ended up staying there for the next 10 months and still have strong connections from the people that I shared the space with during my time there. This place is great because they already provide all of the furnishings, utilities, and etc... as if it's a rental package. They also have awesome management who are super cool and understanding. If any of the tenants have any problems, they're usually just a text or call away. If you're thinking about coliving, I definitely suggest giving this place a try :) They're doing something great there!

Danny D. Sep 2021 5.00

I had stayed here when I first moved to LA. I knew no one when I moved to Los Angeles but was able to meet people here and had a great experience. Very clean, well maintained, and a great location. All my expectations were met. I'm very lucky to have found this place. What is amazing about this place is that they're always looking to improve our experience. They added events for residents to attend as well as an app for everyone to be able to connect. This coliving is already great, but they are still trying to get better and that really says a lot.

Muhammad N. Mar 2021 5.00

I was one the first tenant here in this building, I stayed here for four months and moved to NYC later, this place turns out be a home. I moved to NYC and came back Los Angels and started living living here again at the same building. The place has everything anyone could want! You will make great friends and find professional people related to your field. I love the living here it’s always clean, the faculty is great and caring. Most importantly the place is very affordable and is in one of the best neighborhood in LA. I would highly recommend anyone to just give this a visit and see this amazing place!

Kalen H Feb 2021 5.00

It's been an incredible community space for personal development as an affordable living solution! Thanks to the members who've shown up to make it this magical place.

Taras P. Jan 2021 5.00

I’ve been live there as an exchange student, it’s amazing experience! New friends, only good vibes. Will come back soon, guys:)

Andrea I. Dec 2020 5.00

I decided to move into this community after three hard years of living in Los Angeles! If only I had known about Sota Coliving when I first moved into town, the affordable housing would have saved me a lot of money. My apartment came fully furnished which I really appreciated because all of my stuff was in storage. This was a temporary stay so the ease of move-in/move-out was perfect: quick tour, online lease signing, and a cheap deposit! The building hosted meetups and events where I got to meet new residents and make friends. Sota has other locations but I preferred this building because of the westside location! Lots of creative types, networking was great. I gained new customers for my cake business, new clients to assist, and even got my headshots done for free by a resident actresses/photographer. Highly recommend if you're looking for a smart move on where to live in Los Angeles!

sasadsea Oct 2020 2.00

This review is based on the financial aspect—when you move in there is the rent plus a one hundred dollar payment only refundable if you give a 30-day notice. Otherwise, no notice is required but you do lose the 100. I paid 100 plus two months of rent. 5 days before the third month's rent would come due, I paid in advance in good faith. Two days later, it was decided my daughter would not stay for that next upcoming month. So we cleared her and her belongings out before the end of the month and the beginning of the new month. A 30-day notice is not required. I was informed by the house manager I should see the money I paid returned to my credit card that day or the next day. I did not. I then wrote the manager, texted, phoned, and told they would be refunded shortly. I was not. We are now 10 days into the new month. I have emailed, written, called, and texted and no one will respond to me, nor have I seen a refund. Unconscionable business practice. No need for me to have to fight for this money back. I will dispute through my credit card and of having to go to small claims. What a waste of time for me and how uselessly irresponsible this company

Gibrant V. Sep 2020 5.00

Amazing people here! Is an excellent place if you want to connect with more people and do networking. I love it!!!

Tung F. Sep 2020 5.00

For me personally that was the game-changer. Very freakin happy I found this place!

Chelsey M. Sep 2020 4.00

A comfortable offering with friendly management. Grocery and other stores are a walking distance from home. Co-living with social ppl from different countries not just California! Utilities are included. The rules are quite simple and reasonable to abide to as well.

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