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Destinations in Saudi Arabia

About Medina

Cities rich with a religious history often have the best stories waiting to unfold. If culture is important to you then you should definitely try coliving in Medina.

This spiritual destination is filled with a sense of community that makes anyone feel at home with the locals. Although non-Muslims are not allowed in Central Medina, many other areas are open to all. For those allowed inside the main city, the Quba Mosque is one of the three major mosques there and it was the site of the oldest mosque in Islamic history.

The city is also known for being “the city of the prophet” as this is where Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was able to find refuge during his exile. The vast city is built around a grand mosque called the Prophet’s Mosque and it’s considered to be Medina’s center.

For remote workers trying to find a place to settle in, there are several coworking spaces found throughout the city. This makes your time coliving here in Medina much more convenient.

Fun facts about Medina

- The three oldest mosques in the world can be found in Medina
- The city witnessed the longest sieges in history back in World War I
- It can be found in the most verdant spot in the Hejaz territory
- There were 139 varieties of dates being grown in the city as of 1920
- The word “Medina” came from an Arabic word that simply means “the city”
- 1.1 million people live in Medina as of 2010
- Before Islam was introduced to the city, Medina used to be called Yathrib
- Medina is one of the three holiest cities of the Islamic religion

Between its culture-rich destinations, a wide range of food choices, and warm locals, coliving in Medina is something any Muslim remote worker should consider. Not only will you be welcomed with open arms, but you’ll also have the chance to explore your faith deeper in this thriving city. Those with different religious beliefs should research the country’s rules and regulations thoroughly.