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Coliving in Detroit

Detroit is one of the most important hubs in the United States and is the largest city along the US and Canada border, making this a rather unique coliving destination to have as your home base. If you are a remote worker who has frequent business in Toronto but you're an American citizen, then Detroit is the ideal city for you to reside, be it for short-term or much longer. The city has a rough back story but with this story, there comes plenty of authenticity and history too. Motown Records was founded in Detroit in the late 50’s, bringing new world-class acts to life such as Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Diana Ross, and many more.

With the vibrant heritage in Detroit there is no question about the incredible nightlife. Great bars and clubs are abundant here, along with live music and even underground music settings. Living in Detroit the average rent is quite high, so it’s recommended you look for coliving housing slightly outside of the city to save you money in the long run. If you're a sports fanatic, then you may just find yourself a new team or favorite sport as this city is home to the four major professional sports teams including the Detroit Lions (NFL), Detroit Tigers (MLB) and the Detroit Pistons (NBA). Hockey and soccer are also popular here. Be sure to attend one of these sporting events during your stay.

As already mentioned, living outside of downtown will be a huge money saver for you. You will have easy access to the Public bus system along with the train system to get you downtown in a breeze. Detroit is home to a major Amtrak hub too which will get you anywhere in the country if you're not pressed for time. But if you do need to get somewhere in a squeeze then Detroit Metropolitan Airport is just outside the city. The airport is a hub for Delta Airlines and is one of the largest international ports of entry into the United States as well.

Fun facts about Detroit:

- The city is home to the only floating post office in the United States, the J.W. Westcott II
- Detroit is the oldest city west of the original thirteen colonies on this side of the Mississippi
- It’s called the Motor City for a reason. Detroit was home to the first mile of concrete highway
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