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About the place
Our community welcomes diverse community-minded individuals that enjoy a phone down-type of conversation.
This community is situated on a quiet alley where North Beach intersects the Financial District and Chinatown. Exposed brick adds character and warmth to the home, and views of the iconic Transamerica Pyramid and Sentinel Building make for a stunning backdrop.
The patio, 2 kitchens, dining room and media lounge make an excellent space to stay in with friends, or a great gathering spot before heading out to the surrounding nightlife options.

Your private suite: Every room comes with all of the essentials – queen or full-sized bed and mattress, closet, desk, nightstand, and lamp. All suites have abundant natural light and exposed brick walls.

Current availability might differ from photos uploaded to listing- please reach out to our team for a tour!

This unit is a rental unit subject to the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, which limits evictions without just cause, and which states that any waiver by a tenant of their rights under the Rent Ordinance is void as contrary to public policy.
North Beach, whose rich and colorful history has greatly influenced the culture of San Francisco, is now steeped in Italian heritage, cabarets, jazz clubs, galleries, bars, comedy clubs, bookstores, and pizza shops. The strong Italian history and culture can be seen in the neighborhood’s gelato parlors, open-patio seating, coffee shops, restaurants, delis, and bakeries that are alive and thriving. The area’s beatnik roots and the cultivation of San Francisco’s alternative culture can be seen in the many independent bookstores and hippie mainstays like Vesuvio Café. Locals love how it’s deeply-cultured, has a fun, vibrant nightlife, and is nearby to other city hotspots like Chinatown.

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Room Types
Private Room
1 guest · Full Bed · (8 m²/83 ft²) · Shared Bathroom
Closet / Drawers · Essentials · Wifi in Room

Things to know
House Rules
• Minimum Stay: 1 Month
• Parking: No Parking Available
• Pets Not Allowed
• Quiet After 10PM
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Frequently Asked Questions
Our term lengths change seasonally and from community to community, but we typically have available a short (3-5 months), mid (6-10 months), or long (11-15 months) options available. .
Your monthly membership fee includes a few things: your suite rent (which is the base rent for your private space) plus an impact cost ( all utilities, streaming services, and internet), comfort cost (weekly cleanings, stocked consumables, and furnishings), and communal costs (experience and event programming). If you have a short or mid length term agreement, you may have a flex fee as well. We try to stagger when members come up for renewal, so the flex fee may vary as a result of a few factors like seasonality.
Our security deposit varies by city and community and may change depending on your qualifications.
We highly recommend touring any suite you might be interested in to make sure it is a good fit for your desired living accommodations. Rooms can vary in size and amenities, making some more comfortable for sharing than others. Each suite has either a queen or full sized bed, and we do not provide separate beds. Please note that the communal fees for furnishings, shared consumables, and utilities (but not your suite rent) increase with each adult living in your suite with you.
Of course, this is your home! While overnight guests are welcome, you should follow your community's House Rules on maximum stays for guests. As a matter of common courtesy, please do your best to let your fellow community members know if you plan to have a guest stay for more than one night (especially in smaller groups or communities). Like any community member, your guests should be respectful of the community’s shared spaces and follow the House Rules. Ultimately, you're responsible for their actions so choose your friends wisely.
If something comes up and you need to terminate your agreement, we require 30 days’ notice. You will be responsible to pay your rent for the last 30 days as well as an early termination fee which is calculated as $20 multiplied by the number of days remaining on the term of your agreement.
With few exceptions, your membership fee will not change without your written consent. However, rates may change when you come up for renewal, as permitted under local rent ordinances. You’ll be notified at least 30 days in advance if your rent is going to increase.
Yes! Of course, it depends on the availability of the place you’d like to transfer to, and your new agreement would be subject to the terms and conditions of the requested unit. There are a few other things you’ll need to complete before a transfer can happen, so please reach out to your community manager to discuss your transfer.
The weekday quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am, and 12am to 9am on weekends. As with any shared housing scenario, the golden rule is just to be respectful of others in your community and not wake them up or disturb them if they’re trying to have a quiet night. Just like other House Rules, serious or continued violations of the quiet hours policy is a breach of your rental agreement.
Your room comes furnished with all of the essentials including a bed frame, queen or full sized Tuff & Needle mattress, nightstand, lamp, and rug. If your room doesn’t feature a closet, we’ll provide a standing wardrobe as well. Additional things like bedding, dresser or desk can be ordered through our Helping Hands offerings.
It varies by community and city. Currently we do not have parking at any of our SF communities, but not to worry as all of our SF homes are centrally located to public transit. Since LA is such a car-centric city, we have parking at each building that can be added on to your membership at each of our LA locations.
Each of our communities has its own personality and amenities, but communal space is at the focus of all of them! All have comfortable community living rooms with games and full kitchens, but they can also have things like backyards, spas, and awesome rooftop vibes. You can check out the full breakdown of the features in our homes on each of their webpages. Just click either Los Angeles or San Francisco to access all of our community pages!
We absolutely do! Helping Hands are additional services that we offer to make your life just a little easier! Choose from services like storage, room cleanings, fresh bedding, and furniture rentals. Need a TV or artwork hung up? Let us know!
Typically there are about 6-8 events per month in each city. Starcity events are a great way to meet members within your community, and also from the other communities. Everyone is encouraged to attend and provide feedback on events as this is inclusive of your membership. Our communities have enjoyed a variety of different events including health & wellness classes, volunteering activities, creative courses, sports outings and more!
We currently allow one dog per member in our Los Angeles communities. Unfortunately, we do not allow any pets in our San Francisco communities.
Due to the prevalence of cat allergies and the need to keep pets contained to private suites, we do not have any cat friendly homes, but we hope to in the future!
Of course, we welcome Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals. Please be aware that you must provide us with a copy of your physician’s recommendation dated within the last 12 months and up-to-date vaccination records. Regardless of the categorization of the animal, you are solely responsible for the actions, health, and safety of your animal, and indemnify and hold us harmless for any and all issues arising from your animal’s presence in the House.
We look for regular income deposits that are at least 2.5x greater than the suite rent of your selected suite.
Before you can get your keys and access codes, we require first month’s (prorated based on your move in date) rent plus your security deposit. If you’re starting your term in the last 10 days of a month, you’ll be required to pay the prorated amount plus one full month that will be credited toward your next month’s rent.
To start, there’s a $5 application fee to cover a background check for each suite occupant. We’ll also need income verification documents such as your most recent pay stub, 3 months of bank statements showing all income, or an offer letter. For our C1 community in Marina Del Rey, we will also complete a credit check.
We’ve detailed the measures we are taking in all communities on this Covid 19 response section of this website. We will continue to closely monitor any new updates from the CDC and local officials to make sure we evolve our approach as new information becomes available.
In the unfortunate case that a member has been financially impacted by COVID-19, our Community Directors are dedicated to working with each member on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best resolution is met.

Useful Information
If you book more than 14 days before moving in, you may only pay a $300 Down Payment now to guarantee your stay. If it's less than 14 days, you need to pay the first month's rent as well as a security deposit.
We collect your first month's rent as well as a security deposit before you move in.
Subsequent months are due on the first day of each month.
In the era of physical distancing, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of online technology.
Many properties offer Virtual Tours using 3D photos/videos. If you need to see the place, residents or hosts, you may schedule a tour after submitting a Booking Request or the Ask a Question under.
Coliving.com will transfer your rent and deposit to the host 24h after you move in.
The deposit is refunded directly by the host within 30 days of the lease end date.
The deposit will be returned in full if you have no pending charges, and have followed the check-out process.
Cancellation Policy: Strict
Your 1st month's rent will be 100% refunded if you cancel up to 90 days before move-in, and 50% if you cancel up to 30 days before, minus a service fee. Read More

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Booking Rules
All prospects must pass background, credit, and income check as well as complete a virtual tour.
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Exact location is provided after a booking is confirmed.

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