Terms for Residents

By using this website, you agree to these terms.

When you submit a Booking Request, you are committing to renting the room type you have applied for.
The room you are assigned might differ slightly from the published photos but will match the room type.
You also need to follow the House Rules provided on the booking page.
Each Host (manager of a Coliving Space) will check your profile to see that you match with their current community and philosophy. So just a reminder to fill in as much of your profile info as you can - the more you include, the better.
The Host will either Accept or Decline your request – this is entirely their decision which they can explain at their discretion, but are not obligated to.

Security Deposit
If the space requires a Security Deposit, the stated amount will be taken from your account to confirm/hold the Booking ONLY upon acceptance of your Booking Application.

If you need to cancel your booking BEFORE you check in, we will follow each spaces's Cancellation Rule.
This rule is stated on the booking-page and is accepted before you submitted your request.
Please note that you are not able to cancel the booking once you have checked in.

We cannot guarantee that an extension can be made as other bookings may be in the system before your decision to extend has been made.
Some Hosts allow for extensions if you ask them directly, and they may send you a Payment Request through our system that you need to pay within 24 hours to secure the extension.

In the unfortunate event that you have a dispute with the Host, we ask that you attempt to solve the problem with them directly.
We will try to negotiate between Parties, but only as a Third Party and Coliving.com cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of money any of the parties may suffer, directly or indirectly.