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About Venn

A new way of urban neighboring.

Venn is a pioneering urban development startup that elevates city life and transforms neighborhoods into thriving communities. We have built the first scalable and replicable model of urban neighborhood revitalization, bridging real estate and smart technology to encourage human to human connections and promote community engagement.

Operating by the motto “if they build it, they will stay” our platform offers a holistic living solution including homes, shared spaces, local services and community activities. We reduce friction in everyday life, allowing venn members to invest in real-life social interactions. Everyone becomes an active participant in their community and drives a positive transformation for the whole neighborhood.

Our first three neighborhoods are live in Tel Aviv, New York and Berlin - with plans to launch in every major city over the next five years. Our global workforce spans 3 continents: an operative HQ in New York; a R&D center in Tel Aviv; local operations nested in our neighborhoods.

Venn's latest reviews

Rachel K. Nov 2021 5.00

amazing group!

Jessie M. Nov 2021 5.00

gentrification is colonialism. this is disgusting

Saji P. Nov 2021 5.00

My niece vacated an appt in Bushwick in July and still waiting to get back the security deposit. The lady who receives the call says to send an email but no one responds or haven't received the money back, Please be careful dealing with this company.

Jane O. Oct 2021 1.00

The people at Venn managing my daughter's apartment are the absolute worst. They left my daughter and her roommate without heat because they refused to call in a qualified heating repair person and would just send over the maintenance man who replaced the radiator valve 4 times when she kept telling him that that wasn't the issue. Finally, they installed electric wall heaters and assured us that the cost to electrical would be minimal even though we expressed concern. The new electric bill jumped almost 400% and we are now trying to get Venn to compensate us. Also, Venn did not let Con Ed into the building to read the meter for 6 months so my daughter started to get notices that the electricity was going to be turned off. Venn should spend less time on planning events and designing a spiffy website and actually manage and take care of their buildings and tenants. I hope they get their act together. The apartment is nice but the management team seems to be lacking - I am a landlord and manage my own buildings so I know of what I speak.

Yasmeen M. Oct 2021 5.00

I can't say enough good things about this company. You're not just getting an apartment, you're getting a community who as a company, take great care of their tenants, and as people show that they really care about anyone that's moving in! Jonathan, Sydney and Jessica were nothing short of amazing through the entire process, from initial contact on streeteasy all the way through move-in and getting settled. Communication when we were ready to put down a deposit was exactly as fast and prompt as when we reported a concern (that was immediately taken care of). I can't say enough good things about this group, I wouldn't hesitate to use them for your next home.

Maya A. Sep 2021 5.00

Had a wonderful experience with the community experiences and service. The product is super cool and fun and the people are super nice and pleasant.

Amit P. Sep 2021 5.00

A wonderful mixture of beautiful people.

David Sep 2021 5.00

Nice apartment in a great neighborhood

D-cal Sep 2021 5.00

My experience has been great, from the agents who managed my concerns and answered my questions fully to the community manager who welcomed me. They are also implementing new community programs and events. My roommates have been helpful and warm. Of course there is space to improve and I can tell they are serious about upping the experience.

Lea E. Sep 2021 5.00

Love this amazing coworking space! Very cozy and comfy to work at ❤️

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