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Name From To Location Speakers Attendees
Coworking & Coliving Conference (South East Europe) 09. Oct 11. Oct Serbia
This event is all about the people and the communities.
This event is all about the people and the communities. Despite being recognized as an evolving and, at times, a turbulent region, South East Europe has always kept a local flavor for exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture. Regional dynamics between people/communities in the past decade have fostered a way for overcoming impediments creatively – allowing a number of individuals to grasp the true SEE potential. This is precisely why we want the Coworking & Coliving Conference South East Europe to serve as a connecting hub for those visionaries, presenting the way they think, talk and how they see the future of work. Join us in listening, learning and leveraging the exchange of knowledge for a different tomorrow.
Link: Coworking & Coliving Conference (South East Europe)
Co-Liv Summit 17. Oct 18. Oct France
Annual conference showcasing co-living professionals
Co-Liv Summit is our annual conference showcasing co-living professionals from around the world: founders, operators, real estate developers, architects, urban planners, investors, policymakers, entrepreneurs and the unique, innovative co-living ventures that are making it work. For attendees, It’s an opportunity to: Hear from luminaries about the benefits of the sharing economy and where co-living fits in Learn why co-living is a healthier, more eco-friendly, socially responsible and affordable solution to the housing crisis Think, create and connect over talks and workshops with most successful co-living ventures from around the world.
Link: Co-Liv Summit