How to start a coliving business?

How to start a coliving business?

We go through the nitty gritty of setting up your own coliving business.

Our CEO, Daniel Beck, has made a FREE GUIDE entitled How to Start a Coliving Business.
Here is a brief statement from him about why he wrote it:

So many people were asking me how they could open a space in their city. At first, I told them to investigate what other spaces were doing and how they were operating. But most of the time, the real work is done way before the first guests arrive. Hours of research goes into scrutinising real estate business models, whereas visiting spaces can only give a limited insight into what works and what doesn’t. It’s only when you are up and running that you truly learn.
As a person that has done extensive research and conducted extensive talks with coliving founders, I decided to write a simple, yet comprehensive guide, for free.
Of course, it’s not a substitute for doing your own research and is purely meant for guidance and discussion. I hope that those considering opening a coliving space can get inspiration from it, whilst saving time and money. Hope you enjoy reading it.

- Daniel Beck, CEO of

Edited by Nikki Zimbler

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