Safety Wing - Coliving Partner

Safety Wing

Comprehensive health insurance for digital nomads and remote workers

People who are location-independent fall between the cracks, without proper access to insurance or national safety nets. To solve this, we are building a global social safety net tailored to the needs of online freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote companies.
Remote Health for individuals is made for...
- people who need fully comprehensive global health care, no matter where they live or travel/move to.
- travelers and expats who have returned home and have no home country coverage.

We cover globally (175+ countries) with two biggest exceptions as today
- Americans living in USA
- Canadians in Canada.

Main key benefits:
- Coverage up to 1mil USD per year.
- Worldwide coverage: 175 + country full coverage and emergency coverage for planned trips in every country in the world.
- You can choose between different add-ons and tailor your coverage plan.
- Visit any public or private hospital in the world.

Full comprehensive coverage includes:
- hospital charges, medical practitioner and specialists fees
- cancer treatment
- day-patient and out-patient surgery
- drugs and dressings
- in-patient emergency dental treatment
- diagnostic procedures
- rehabilitation
- emergency ambulances
- evacuation and repatriation
- newborn coverage.