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Starcity Coliving Company


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Our mission is to make cities more accessible to everyone
We accomplish this by creating comfortable, community homes that inspire people to live a more intentional life.

There's a place for you in the city.
We're here to help you find it.
We’ll make the living arrangements delightful and sustainable so that people can stay in cities long-term. We will do this by redefining the meaning of home. Innovative interior-design that increases livable space and smart technology that reduces waste will be at our core. We are building our communities in a way that will reflect the diverse, eclectic nature of each city.

Home is welcoming, relaxing and safe. Home is a group of respectful, warm, and empathetic people. Home is an inclusive, uplifting community. Welcome to Starcity.

Starcity's latest reviews

Sahana S Mar 2021

Loved staying in this amazing coliving place. Great location and the staff is so welcoming and helpful! It was my first time leaving home and moving to a new city and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to start. I felt so comfortable, welcome and met some great people in the community!

Ben R Feb 2021

This coliving place is amazing. Great amenities, large balcony where I can sit and watch beautiful sunsets. But best of all a great community of young professionals, artists and gamers. Love the energy here. A great place to get your start or to start over!

Barbara J Feb 2021

Great coliving location and wonderful amenities. The staff is top notch and go out of their way to help with anything. Issues in the building are promptly addressed. Overall I LOVE it.

Chely M Feb 2021

Best colivimg location, building and amenities are great! But most importantly the staff is always striving to make us feel HOME

Beth L Feb 2021

Awesome coliving location, accessible to all freeways, and amenities, e.g. full kitchen, all utilities included, and housekeeping. I am grateful to be a part of Starcity community .
Thank you Starcity for offering such a nice place
I have had the pleasure of meeting new people from all over the globe who are happy, sweet, and easy to get along with.

Kate M Jan 2021

I lived in Starcity in the C1 building in LA from February 2019 through mid-November 2020.
Living in this building changed my whole experience living in LA. If it weren’t for the pandemic I would still be there today.

I loved the aesthetic of the building, the fun and interesting events, and most importantly the community. We shared many late nights laughing and drinking on the roof, hot tubing and grilling together.

Brian A. Aug 2020

Operational excellence, quality service, stunning locations, exceptionally finished spaces, a seemingly endless cast of bonafide star players, and all virtually at my beck and call to do wonderful things for me adding incredible value to my life far far beyond my requirements for accommodations. I love it here so much - you've created a magical place for me. I do feel like I've found a home. And haven't had one for 13 years. Thank you.

Kayleigh D. Aug 2020

Everyone has a voice in this community, and it’s made it comfortable and easy to express our self. My experience has been simple, I’m spoiled; I get Yoga on the roof, wine tastings, surf lessons, and I get to do them with other people in my community that share my same passions. I’ve made lifetime friendships here, couldn’t be happier!

Katie Y. Aug 2020

I didn’t know a soul in San Francisco. When I moved in, it was like an instant community. I’ve made some lifelong friends here.

Donald Y. Aug 2020

I moved to San Francisco without knowing anyone and loved the focus on community. They make it so easy to meet people through their amazing events; everything from wine & pizza nights, bowling, living room concerts, yoga classes, comedy club outing, and more! You get to know your housemates on a deeper level with impromptu game nights, cooking together, and just enjoying life. They do a great job taking care of the common areas, are very quick to take care of any issues, and offer plenty of services that make life easy. I can't recommend this coliving enough, thanks for doing all you do!